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Tech from New Delhi (Sankalp)charges me $32.72 for download of Winzip to fix 2 device drivers that I believed had problems or needed to be found/recognized by windows 7. Sankalp unable to get Winzip to download completely and properly, but is able to do a preliminary scan of my hard drive and allegedly finds 6 of my device drivers to be "archaic !!) ...

well, my entire computer history is not quite old enough to be even close to an "archaic" stage! Also, the two device drivers that I wanted to confirm as current, active, and fully functional showed up on his prelim scan as fine! (Drivers for a "Creative" and for a Logitech QuickCap Pro 4000 web cam) ... he then searches my hard drive using various Windows features to find these 2 particular device drivers!

Bottom line here is that his program showed them as fine, his Windows efforts failed, and my 2 webcams still will not even turn on! Then I find out he actually works for "cyberpcexperts, maybe at 1-800-290-0590, who was outsourced this job from Winzip, again allegedly. At my request, he then turns me over to "a very senior technician, allegedly from Winzip, and he is Anant Dutt". Anant claimed to want to help with driver issues, but he immediately jumped to "identity theft" as my major problem!

And, for a one time payment of JUST $599.00, he could clean up my PC, fix ALL of my problems, and, even clean up the entire internet of all my personal data for the rest of my lifetime! He then showed me an entire page that he allegedly had just pulled "off the internet" which displayed my name, my social security number several times, and numerous credit cards of mine used many, many times! He was trying to prove how desperately I needed to spend that $599.00 right then ... he was pretty convincing, but he was too similar to the recent and also very bad experience I had with "GuruAid", also hailing from the same neck of the woods!

Let's bring more jobs back from India into to the hands and wallets of honest Americans who speak our language!

... I finally just disconnected the call after wasting over 3 and a half hours of my life!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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