I purchased WinZip system suite and activated 9/13/2013with the reg key that came in the box from Amazon, the product locked up initially, I closed and restarted immediately clicking the help tab and entering my reg. key, the program reached out for updates and started acting better, I initiated my first scan, it went nuts on a freash load claiming I had tens of drivers needing update.

I ok's the driver update, after hundreds of megabytes of "updated" drivers my computer became unstable and un bootable, I had to pay for the machine to be wiped and completely reloaded, I am hundreds in now because of Win Zip tech support being so uncontactable, I even found there U.S. phone no. and left a message, days later I get an email stating they don't accept tech support phone calls and A suggestion I email a link provided, after many back and forth emails they sent me an updated install disk, this one worked. Till late 11/ 2013 when the program reported the license was expired, after numerous emails to the link they sent me after the attempted phone contact for support I was forced to produce myreceipt from Amazon, on 12/6/2013 I get assigned a new reg.

key code good for one Lic. the original box said I was good for 3 computers???

Time has passes now, 7/2014 they unregistered my copy again, and after reinstall the program works screwy again, Norton utils. here I come.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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